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August 22, 2012
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PewdieCry- Rated T

"You gotta put the portal there"
"The portal goes right there"
"I got this Pewds just put the portal there"
"Cry!" Pewdie finally shouted.
"What?!" Cry shouted back, followed by his soft laughter.
"I love you, Cry" Pewdie said,
"I love you too man, now shoot the portal" Cry chuckled, not realizing exactly what Pewdie had meant.
"No, Cry, I love you.." He trailed off, looking down from the computer screen. Cry blinked a few times, silence filling the skype call between them. Finally he found his voice. "What do you mean?" He asked weakly.
Pewdie sighed, a lump forming in his throat as he tried desprately to stay calm. He'd decided the night before that today was the day. He was going to tell Cry how he felt. It might not make a difference, seeing as they were an ocean apart, but he had to let him know. Cry meant more to him then he thought a man could. He was his best friend, and understood him in every way. On the special occasions that Cry let himself be seen, Pewdie's heart would fluttery like a school girl's, and he couldn't help but smile uncontrolably.

Cry never noticed Pewdie's little jokes. When he would call him baby, or talk about making out. Or maybe he did and pretended not to. As far as Pewdie knew, he didn't think of him like that. But September contradicted that thought.

During september of the year before, almost a year ago now, Pewdie made a trip to Florida to visit his friend. He held his emotions in, it was only a crush then, so it was easy. One of those little things that pull at your heart strings when you see that person. But after Cry and he went out drinking, and came home drunk, everything changed.

Cry pushed himself on Pewdie, and being drunk as he was, Pewdie let it happen. He enjoyed every moment, and managed to hold onto that single memory of that night. Cry on the other hand claimed to remember nothing. He said that whatever happened, it was best they didn't remember. So Pewdie pretended that he didn't.

But since then, his feelings had grown from a tug on his heart strings to a 18-wheeler trying to drag his heart away to the boy on his screen. Today was one of those days Cry had gifted him with the sight of his face. It made his confession that much harder.

"I mean that I love you. I've liked you since last year, and I do remember what happened in September, I thought if I didn't say anything that these feelings would go away but they got stronger. I don't expect you to feel the same, but I wanted you to know" He sighed, feeling a massive weight life off his chest. Cry stayed silent.

After five minutes, he couldn't take it anymore, "Cry?"
"Hold on" Cry said, his voice sounding strange, Pewdie heard him sniffle.
"Cry are you crying?" He asked softly. Did what he said make Cry that upset?
"No" Cry lied, the stuffiness of his voice making it obvious.
"I didn't mean to make you upset.." Pewdie whispered, tears coming to his eyes. He was going lose Cry, after this the boy he loved would stop talking to him and he would never, ever see his face again.

"I remember too" Cry whispered.

And Cry did remember. When Pewdie came down to visit, Cry planned on telling his friend that he was in love with him. That he had been since they met. But every time he tried, he'd choke and get caught looking like an idiot with his mouth hanging open. Pewds would laugh and taunt with something like, "Cat got your tongue?"

Alcohol and liqour made him bolder though. And so he took Pewdie out drinking, then dragged him back home with explicit thoughts in his mind.

He made love to his best friend. But never told him that he loved him.

Even in his drunken stupor he couldn't bring himself to say it, those three simple words. The next day he acted like he didn't remember, and when Pewdie claimed he didn't either, he was both relived and sad. From then on he held onto his feelings, swearing never to tell Pewdie how he felt, in fear of losing his friend.

Hearing those words fall off of Pewdie's tongue was like seeing someone you thought you lost. Hope filled up inside him and he swallowed his tears before turning to the computer screen.

"I love you too, Pewds."
I wrote this a while ago and forgot to submit it. Sorry.

Prequel- [link]
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Woah somethings bugging me lately so when pewdie said "cry do you remember?"
"What?" Cry replied
"September" pewdie answers
(Cry kills himself)
I dnt get it so if pewdie was reffering to the song "september" why did he? I dont get it, the song didnt make any sense about what theyr playing or doing
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